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JW Rock foundation provides needy families with food and gifts during the holiday season.

 In 2000, JW Rock noticed how many motorcyclists everywhere would come together each year to raise money and collect toys for children in shelter homes for the holidays.  Christmas was JW Rock’s favorite time of the year and he wanted to ensure that needy children in unfortunate situations would also experience a fun and festive holiday.  JW Rock recruited some of his motorcycle friends: together they reached into their own pockets to purchase food and gifts for families in their community!  They continued this tradition until his death in 2004.

The JW Rock Foundation was founded right after his death when a child wrote a letter to his family.  The child wrote how important JW Rock was to their community and told them how much the children appreciated all he did for them.  Family and friends knew how much JW loved children and wanted to continue his tradition of helping needy families.  With contributions made in his memory, the foundation was able to provide 25 families with a basket of food for a complete Christmas dinner, a generous grocery gift certificate and all of the children received Christmas gifts personally chosen for their age group and gender.

 The requirements for the Foundation are that there will be no administrative costs, all help is on a volunteer basis, and all funds go directly to the needy families.

 The families are obtained through elementary school counselors, who screen them to assure the Foundation that they are truly needy families with children.  The selection of the families and children are not based on any specific religion or race.

 The food baskets and gifts are delivered on the Sunday prior to Christmas in our sleighs with motorcycles serving as reindeer.  The joy and happiness that we bring to the families and children is what makes the entire effort worthwhile.

 JW Rock Foundation continues to grow each year with donations from people and businesses who wish to share what they have with others who are less fortunate.  We accept donations all year long and with your help, we can continue to keep a tradition for JW Rock for many years to come.

The JW Rock Foundation is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.